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All our Vestments are made by ourselves usually to order.

Shop opening hours

Monday to Friday 10.00 to 16.00hrs (10.00am to 4.00pm) Saturdays and all other times by appointment only.  Order on-line 24hrs a day 7 days a week.


 Please Note:  We make and embroider all of our own Stoles (and Chasubles) and embroider directly on to the chosen cloth and do not Applique or Heat apply adornments. Stoles are usually made to order to length required etc so please allow 3 to 4 weeks for despatch. If required urgently please contact the shop either by telephone 01993 886802 or via e.mail Thank you.  

Plain Weave Stole
Plain Weave Stole

 Plain Weave Stole made by ourselves and made in Polyester Panama and available in all Liturgical colours. Backed in Gold with no fringe. There is a simple cross on the neck. Please measure from nape of neck round to length required. Please also contact shop if you require further adornments or if urgent.  (£40.42 ex VAT)

Stoles - plain weave
Stoles - plain weave

A heavier Plain weave Stole than the plain weave Polyester stole. Made by ourselves, lined and inter-lined and available in all Liturgical Colours in a Poly/Viscose Panama weave. Unadorned stole though price does include an equal sided cross embroidered on neck seam. (Picture does show Stole with adornments) Please contact shop if urgent or for further details regarding adornments and prices otherwise please allow up to 4 weeks for despatch. (For length of stole measure from nape of neck to length required.) (£57.09 ex VAT)

Stoles - Brocade
Stoles - Brocade

Brocade Stole made by ourselves in our stock style Brocade, lined and inter-lined and available in all Liturgical Colours. Unadorned stole though price does include an equal sided cross embroidered on to the neck seam and a fringe (without fringe please deduct £7.00). Please contact the shop for further details regarding adornments and other brocade styles.  (For length of stole please measure from nape of neck to length required) (£72.92 ex VAT)

Visitation Stole
Visitation Stole

 Visitation Stole, also known as a Sick Communion Stole. Made by us in our own workshop, inter-lined. Approx 60" x 3". Double sided (Reversible) white/purple plain weave cloth with simple crosses on both sides. Simple cross on both neck seams. (£40.80 ex VAT)

Stock Design Stoles
Stock Design Stoles Stock design Stoles in Plain Weave Poly/Viscose, lined and inter-lined and with an embroidered Latin Cross. Available in all Liturgical colours individually @ £85.00 (£70.84 ex VAT) each or as a set of 4 for £300.00 (£250.00 ex VAT).  Please allow up to 2 weeks for despatch or contact the shop if required urgently or to check availability. Standard length is approx 51" per side (102" total), please indicate in box below if different length required.£85.00
Chasubles  Polyester
Chasubles Polyester

 Polyester Panama plain weave Chasubles.  Made by ourselves in our own workshop and available in all Liturgical colours. Unlined light to medium weight Chasubles also ideal for travelling. Available plain or with Open Cross design on front. With or without matching stole. Can also be made with Orphreys if preferred.  Also available, heavier plain weave Poly/Viscose. Please contact shop for further details if Orphreys or Poly/Viscose preferred. Prices are From £85.00.  (£70.84 ex VAT)

Chasubles  Brocade
Chasubles Brocade Brocade Chasubles are fully lined and made by ourselves in our own workshop. Available in all Liturgical colours with or without matching Stoles, with or without Orphreys. There are many Brocades and adornments available. Please contact the shop for further details regarding Brocades and adornments. Telephone 01993 886802 or e.mail   Stock style brocade Chasubles are available from £301.00 (£250.84 ex VAT) Chasuble shown is £398.00 or £461.00 with matching Stole.£0.00

 Scapulas made in either 100% Polyester or  Russell Cord Cotton/Wool  (please add £13.50 to Polyester price)


 Amice. 100% Cotton approx 32.5" x 24" with Long Ties